Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nursing Orientation Jitters

All summer long I've had this unshakeable feeling that I have forget something important. And from my complete lack of focus or organization, I'm going to be booted from the nursing program. Before it even starts! These jitters are mostly unjustified, seeing how I've been doing my best to keep up with e-mails, letters, packets and dates --- I even bought a kicking new planner -- but they're still there.

But tomorrow, I've orientation.

And it will be officially official again. I'm a nursing student.

Though tomorrow should easy these: "oh my gosh, they're going to kick me out any minute fears". Thank the Lord!  It will likely raise new ones.

Along with being fitted for our scrubs, tomorrow we also get the in depth scope. They invited our families just so they could be pre-warned that we now "belong" to the nursing program. 

I've dotted all my Is and crossed all my Ts. So I'll gladly switch from these remote jitters to the new challenges -- grades, time management, succeeding, etc -- that I can face head on.

Now...what does one wear to an all day nursing orientation?

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