Thursday, August 7, 2014

What I Wore: Nursing Orientation

Fashion blogger wannabe alert. Complete with staring off into the distance. Well minus the fact that half my head is missing. And my dog is out of the picture. And there is only one picture. Anyway, I'm trying to teach myself to utilize my closet while making my style a little more grown up. It's a slow process. I will say though, this outfit was comfy from the billowy shirt to the relaxed  sandals.
On to orientation thoughts ....
It really doesn't surprise me that I did not get a good nights sleep. Mix nerves in with my "been-off-a-bunch-of-days-in-a-row" night owl routine, and it doesn't add up to a great combo. Let's suffice to say that 7AM rolled around WAY too early this morning.  And through the first half of nursing orientation, I came to the conclusion that this was a lot of information for my caffeine deprived brain.

However, once I got some caffeine in my system and some food, my brain finally began to wake up.  And what started out as a stressed out day turned into a really awesome one.  Friendships were already starting to form. And uniforms were being fitted.  And my spirits just lifted. So much so, that I even volunteered -- is this me we're talking about? -- to showcase one of our past CNA skills. In front of people.
Orientation was a success. Sometimes it was way too brutally honest about our upcoming classes. But then again, is there a better way to be? And I left feeling excited and nervous for what's to come.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nursing Orientation Jitters

All summer long I've had this unshakeable feeling that I have forget something important. And from my complete lack of focus or organization, I'm going to be booted from the nursing program. Before it even starts! These jitters are mostly unjustified, seeing how I've been doing my best to keep up with e-mails, letters, packets and dates --- I even bought a kicking new planner -- but they're still there.

But tomorrow, I've orientation.

And it will be officially official again. I'm a nursing student.

Though tomorrow should easy these: "oh my gosh, they're going to kick me out any minute fears". Thank the Lord!  It will likely raise new ones.

Along with being fitted for our scrubs, tomorrow we also get the in depth scope. They invited our families just so they could be pre-warned that we now "belong" to the nursing program. 

I've dotted all my Is and crossed all my Ts. So I'll gladly switch from these remote jitters to the new challenges -- grades, time management, succeeding, etc -- that I can face head on.

Now...what does one wear to an all day nursing orientation?