Saturday, December 20, 2014

What I Wore: Early Family Christmas

Channeling my inner wannabe fashion blogger again. Complete with super close up at the end to show off the jewelry (that I am not wearing). The makings of any great outfit, in my opinion, is that it is wearable to multiple functions. Like this that I wore to family christmas event and a high school basketball game. Super cozy for eating lots of turkey but still awesome for bleacher sitting. Plus I got the ultimate compliment while wearing this: "you look like a hippie." Style mission accomplished.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Nursing School: Not Really Finals Week

Basically that Nursing Diagnosis was me all of last week. Last week felt like finals week. Two simulation labs, one simulation final practice with 2nd years, and an exam in all three classes. It was literally crazy. And I was about to my breaking point. Tears were shed. Massive amounts of caffeine were consumed. Getting two hours of sleep a night was a norm. And, in moments of fatigue, there was singing and dancing.

But the important thing is I survived.  And I was eligible to sit for finals. Finals are actually spread out over the next week and a half.  You have to have a 77 to be able to even try for the finals, which after my 5th exam I more than exceeded in my classes. I did not realize it at the time, but last week was the most important (along with stressful) week of my nursing student career this far. 

I had the weekend to try and recoup some, and gear up for finals. I have already had one comprehensive final today and made a 94. An A! YESSS! On my Nursing Theory final?!

 *cue more singing and dancing*