Monday, August 10, 2015

21 Day Fix: Day 1

I'm starting the 21 day fix this last free week of summer. This blog is mostly for myself to write different things I've tried and lessons learned.  Like clearly there is a different between a teaspoon and tablespoon. So when the 3 day quick fix calls for a spoon of coconut oil, don't force a whole tablespoon down my throat, when a simple teaspoon amount will do.

Speaking of, I did not know you could eat coconut oil like straight out of the jar. I heated my rather large tablespoon amount in the microwave and downed it. Made me gag slightly, not because it taste bad but the consistency. It actually tasted really good. So I think my head was making me....a drama queen.

I'm trying the 3 day jump start fix since I actually have the time this week. I'm hoping that this week can kinda help me learn some meal prep skills for the following two weeks. Once nursing school officially starts back, there is no telling what my time frame is going to look like.   Plus, eating every two hours has been a lot more challenging then I thought it would be. Even shopping for three days worth of food (that will hopefully last me more than three days cause it was a bit pricey) wasn't as bad as I thought. Planning ahead though. That will be the kicker.

That was the most weights I have used in a cardio workout, maybe ever. That being said, I really enjoy the workout and the addition of weight. I had to modify some or drop the weight at points, but worked up a good sweat. And since it was total body, I really did feel like I was getting a good all over workout. The rest breaks were needed and appreciated, especially since it has been a while since really working out. And it was nice that the ending stretch was included as part of the 30 minute total.