Thursday, January 16, 2014

Water Bottle Moments

Have you ever had those odd moments where your life almost flashes before your eyes? But instead of your past -- you see a life that isn't really yours. You see a life that could have been. You see the "What If?"

The moment happened to me today. In the middle of my Microbiology class to beat it all, when I'm suppose to be learning about red and purple stains, eukaryotes and prokaryotes, no less. I picked up my IHOP cammel back for some water and my brain instantly took off to the all that possibilities that the water bottle could hold.

What if I was using this water bottle cause I was an intern at the Internatioal House of Prayer. It was such an odd though too, because my spiritual life has been anything but saturated. At one point in my life, I was interested in moving there and becoming an IHOP intern. And the thought of what that would look like was oddly refreshing. The moment happens so fast that I don't even think I missed much -- if any -- of the lecture.

Crazy to think that could have been me. Learning at IHOP and growing in my Spiritual walk. I am happy learning about medicine. Not so happy trying to figure out what school -- and for what degree -- that I'm going for. That's more stressful.

It was just a moment of what if and what my life would look like. I'm not writing it out of my future forever, but it would have to be very CLEAR that I'm suppose to drop everything. Cause right now, I'm a bit of a wild child.

The infamous waterbottle

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