Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Starting T25


This picture sums me up perfectly. My favorite activity is chewing. More specifically, eating potatoes, cheese, cheese on my potatoes, steak, anything teriyaki flavored, and of course sweets.

Now let me tell you something else, the Freshman 15 (or in my case, the College 15) is no lie. Life has been stressfull and the past few years at the University, I have packed on a little weight.

Since I'm already weighing heavy and my favorite pastime is eating deleciously bad for you food, my goal for this season is to lose a bit of weight.

Solution -- Starting T25. I have other beachbody programs, but this one seemed like the best choice because of my busy life. These workouts pack everything you need into 25 minitues five days a week.

Speed 1.0 is my favorite workout so far. I worked up a sweat, loved the beat and enjoyed all 25 minitues. Earlier tonight though, the day three workout Total Body Circuit really kicked my butt! Like majorly. It was a lot of upperbody work (which let's face it I have goose arms) and squats (ahhh......). My shoulders are already sore. And so is my legs and booty from yesterday.

Plus, I've been trying to change my eating habbits. I quit sodas cold turkey. Dang -- thank goodness for my free week of Shakeology. And I've been trying to follow the meal plan/guidliness. Granted it is only day three -- but I pretty much am dying to go on a fast food binge. You can probably see the golden archers floating over my head as I type this. But I'm staying strong.

1) Eating healthier will be help me feel better and actually live better in the long run, and 2) I have a cheat meal coming up on Saturday.

So I'm starting T25. Three days in I'm sore and wanting some major munchies, but I'm feeling good.


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